Amenities & Building Features

A magnificent lobby exudes contemporary elegance in a rich palette of hardwoods, Brazilian and Italian stones and tiles and Polish Glass.

Designed to maximize operational flexibility and efficiency, The Matalon’s architectural blueprint offers a highly efficient center core, and can accommodate just about every floor plan configuration from 1200 s.f. to 5000 s.f.

Office floors are aesthetically pleasing with true efficiency in design. Each floor is capable of affording up to 1200 s.f. of column free space enabling highly flexible and attractive space-planning. Tenants may design themselves or opt to utilize, at no charge, IE’s design team as part of The Matalon’s complementary all inclusive package.


IE’s practice of sustainable architecture has driven the concept of The Matalon to head for new heights, raising the bar for architecture in Belize. The Matalon is designed to utilize recycled systems, offer functionality, and reduce the impact on the environment from inception to final construction to daily usage. Some elements include:

  • Glazed windows strategically sized and placed to minimize heat from direct sunlight
  • Recycled steel frame system under warranty for strength (and reduces the need for woodwork in construction)
  • Insulated walls and foofing decrease the energy loss and sound transmission
  • Modern sewer treatment plant releasing no environmentally unsafe effluents into the soil
  • LED lighting
  • Low VOC paint utilized

There is also ample use of Trelliswork shading supplemented by greenery.

Impregnated grass parking lot reducing indirect and radiant heat deflection onto the building and surroundings.

* Certificates are available for international tax deductions for business and charitable/ecological credits.


The Matalon’s concierge services complements the quality of services that business tenants demand in today’s professional atmosphere. Fast and reliable services allow for arranging conferences and business meetings seamlessly.


The Matalon can accommodate 9’-6” to 10’-6” ceiling heights for any type of tenant improvement.


Parking has been made available to accommodate 1.5 spaces for every 1000 s.f.


7000 gls of potable water harnessed from rain water downspouts to reduce the consumption of city water as well as doubling as a water tank reservoir for pressurized fire protection.


Automatic transfer generator backup system offering up to a week in backup energy during any power outage or natural disaster.


Satellite or cable, high speed internet via DSL, copper, fiber optic are all incorporated into the design of the building’s core for easy installation and flexibility for each client.


2 Otis Brand each with 2000 lbs capacity


Entire building will be protected with combined fire standpipe system independent of the Belize water system supply on each floor; as well as full impact glass and building design standards to meet cat 5 Hurricanes coupled with built-in shutter system.

It utilizes a steel frame from John Reid & Sons in the UK warranted for earthquake and coated to increase protection from fire.

Entire premises will be surrounded by CC TV and 24 hour trained and trusted security personnel.

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